MarCom has the personnel, expertise, and experience to handle the most demanding cybersecurity needs. Our team has the required certifications and experience to tackle any cybersecurity need, ranging from government agencies to commercial businesses.

Every day more of our lives gets interconnected to the Internet. Unfortunately, this leaves business, government organizations and individuals more exposed than ever to the threat of cybersecurity breaches. Whether your company is responsible for healthcare information, or you have proprietary business practices that you need to keep secure, you can no longer afford to take any risk when it comes to cybersecurity.

We have experience with HIPPA, HITECH, NIST, ANSI, GLBA, DoD, DOE and many other industry guidelines. Our services include:

Network/System Penetration Testing Services

MarCom has highly skilled technical “white hat hackers” that will conduct a controlled “attack” against your network. Our certified experts stay up to date with current real-world attack techniques, ensuring that we conduct realistic, up-to-date attacks against your systems. Throughout the project our team will keep you apprised of its status and findings, allowing you to immediately mitigate any critical findings.

Network/System Vulnerability Assessments

Let our experts conduct a technical review of your systems to seek out vulnerabilities before they become a problem. We will inspect your equipment, architecture, and configurations for compliance.

Incident Response Services

If you discover your network or systems have been compromised MarCom has the experts to investigate, remediate, and secure your systems. Our skilled investigators will conduct a detailed breach analysis to determine what areas of your network and system were affected. We will then determine what information/control was compromised.

Cybersecurity Consulting

If you are considering a change to your network or system let us know. We are happy to consult with you to ensure that your new system is designed with security in mind. We have experts that understand your business along with understanding todays technologies.