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Radiological Technical Support Services

MarCom has provided radiological technical support and training services at Department of Energy facilities since 2004. MarCom’s reputation is built on technical credibility and providing the highest caliber of qualified individuals for a diverse range of projects. We are committed to offering our clients the best possible personnel using cost-effective means.

Our approach to successful management and communication regarding our project support is built on the need for direct and unambiguous lines of control and authority. Our approach to providing project support is based on the following key components:

  • Senior-management personnel with recent and relevant experience and an understanding of the client’s operations and mission requirements
  • Responsive, flexible management processes
  • A responsive corporate focus on cost-containment and -reduction practices
  • Well-defined authorities, roles, and responsibilities
  • An immediately available, in-place infrastructure.

MarCom provides expertise and services in the following areas:

  • Radiological support for commercial reactor refueling outages; steam generator’s, condenser pipes, and head replacements; as well as radiological coverage for any type of forced outage
  • D&D of nuclear power facilities and individual components, including reactor heads and vessels
  • D&D support for former weapons complex facilities and equipment
  • Characterization of hazardous and radiological waste for storage/shipping
  • Expertise in interpretation and application of 10 CFR 865 and 10 CFR 20
  • Implementation of the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual
  • Overall project planning, management, and execution
  • Routine and special-order design, performance, and documentation of radiological assays
  • Health physics training as well as design and implementation of radiation protection for field workers
  • Environmental remediation.