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Software Engineering Solutions

MarCom has a high quality professional software development experience in a wide variety of applications. The team specializes in database and Web application development. Services include:

  • Database design and development
  • Custom software development
  • Rich Internet applications
  • Intranet and extranet solutions
  • Deltek CostPoint integration and reporting enhancements
  • Hosted and integrated solutions
  • Advanced software quality assurance (including meeting NQA-1 requirements)

In software development, we provide:

  • Complete software development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, design/architecture, implementation, testing, distribution, and maintenance
  • Platforms, including servers, desktops, tablets, and personal digital assistants
  • Programming languages, including C#/.Net, VB/.Net, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and Visual Basic.

Our development team is knowledgeable and experienced in Web and enterprise development, including:

  • Solutions for mission-critical distributed applications
  • Architecture for security, scalability, and performance
  • Relational database with SQL Server, Access, and Oracle
  • Rich client and Web-based GUI interfaces
  • Configuration management and deployment solutions
  • Microsoft .NET solutions.

The approach of MarCom’s software development team is founded on the iterative processes to software development. This technique starts with the development of initially small, but ever-increasing, parts of the project. The technique helps uncover issues or incorrect assumptions before the problems become inherent in the system. Building on the foundations of the iterative processes, our developers also employ the agile software development process. This technique is a people-oriented approach that relies heavily on user feedback and interactions—including regular testing throughout the process—to create a fluid, evolving, and results-oriented product.

MarCom has experience in the application software quality assurance (SQA) for all phases of application, development, and deployment including:

  • Application of NQA-1 requirements
  • Software design
  • Software verification and validation
  • Risk assessment/risk mitigation
  • Software configuration management
  • Software testing.