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Environmental Services

Environmental services offered include environmental site assessments, environmental compliance, field sampling and data analysis, remediation, waste management, and regulatory reporting. MarCom can complete any of your environmental needs, from initial site assessments, delineation and sampling of soil and groundwater, field remediation, remedial system design, operation, and maintenance, to reporting, and site closure. We can serve as a regulatory liaison for your project from beginning to end.

  • Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).
  • Site investigations and associated data analyses for petroleum hydrocarbons and other contaminants.
  • Groundwater well installation oversight and geological logging.
  • Project-Specific Regulatory compliance plans
  • Environmental sampling of soil, groundwater, surface water, and air.
  • Remedial pilot study design and implementation.
  • Remedial design and implementation.
  • Regulatory compliance and support.
  • Technical report preparation and submittal.
  • Management of radioactive, hazardous, mixed (radioactive/hazardous), and industrial waste.
  • Fate and transport modeling and exposure pathway assessments.
MarCom, LLC

Industrial Hygiene Services

Industrial Hygienists are trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and recommend controls for environmental and physical hazards that can affect the health and well-being of workers. The CIH is the gold standard certification for practicing safety and health professionals. Industrial hygiene services offered by MarCom include asbestos training, asbestos services, workplace air quality testing, chemical exposure monitoring, health and safety plans, exposure assessments, indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluations, noise exposure monitoring, heat stress, and ergonomics. MarCom can support your regulatory safety and health needs (OSHA, MSHA, and EPA).